Starting point of TAKAMAZ
Integration of the power of technology

Technical Data:

Item Unit XY-120 plus
    Main-spindle Sub-spindle
Max. turning diameter mm φ170 φ135
Max. turning length mm 330
Max. bar diameter mm φ42   (φ51) φ20
Chuck size inch Collet / 6 Collet / 5
Spindle nose JIS A2-5 (A2-6) A2-4
Spindle bearing I.D. mm φ85 (φ100) φ65
Through-hole on spindle mm φ52  (φ61) φ36
Spindle speed min-1 Max.5,000  (Max.4,000) Max.5,000
Type   12-station turret   24st.
Tool shank mm □20
Boring holder I.D. mm φ25
Max. stroke mm X1: 150  Y: ±35   Z1: 330  X2: 150  Z2:  440
Rapid traverse rate m/min X1: 18   Y: 12   Z1: 24   X2: 18 Z2: 18
Spindle motor kW AC7.5/5.5   (AC11/7.5) AC5.5/3.7
Feed motor kW X1: AC1.2   Y: AC0.75   Z1: AC1.8   X2: AC0.75   Z2: AC1.2
Coolant motor kW AC0.25 / 0.25
Hydraulic motor kW AC1.5
Tool storage capacity  pcs. 12
Spindle speed min-1 Max.4,000
Power tools motor kW AC3.7/2.2/1.5
Drill mm φ13
Endmill mm φ13
Tap mm M8
Rapid traverse rate deg/min- 21,600
C axis motor kW Cs-axis
Spindle center height mm 1,050
L×W×H mm 2,630 × 1,950 × 1,730
Machine weight kg 4,500
Total electric capacity KVA 27 (31)