3 axes travels are fully supported by boxway hereby ensuring the rigidity and stability.
3 axes have larger travel range; extraordinarily Z-axis stroke is 1100mm(43.3”).
A properly preloaded and pretension, large diameter ballscrew is used for three axes. X-axis has a hollow ballscrew with oil cooled and is equipped with a
special design to cool the ballscrew bearings by air for getting the better positioning accuracy.
The superior, hardened and ground double guide way constructed bed is designed for a distance between columns of under 82”(2100mm). For big parts
machining will need heavy loading capacity, so our “D” model up (distance between two columns 90.55”(2300mm)), machine base has four box way to
support – a slide and rolling combined design; center box way for main support is hardened and ground, with Turcite-B which have strong absorb ability can
keep dynamic rigidity during heavy cutting, and 2 sides box way the same as center only have extra roller-type recirculating bearing to strengthen support.
Linear guideways are designed for a distance of x-axis of over 314.9”(8000mm), center linear guideways for main support, and 2 sides box way the same as
center only have extra roller-type recirculating bearing to strengthen support.
The bridge machine with Y-axis step design and strong rigidity structure.
All 3 axes utilize an external feedback pulse coder for positioning. The pulse coder is coupled to the opposite end of the ballscrew and feedback to servo
system directly. This allows for high positioning accuracy.
The mounting brackets for the Y and Z axis ballscrews are integrated with the saddle and crossbeam casting to maximize the rigidity further.
Mechanical safety couplings are used where the drive motors adapt to the ballscrews. These devices greatly minimize damage that may occur during a
collision or overload condition.
FEA has been adopted to check the deformation and vibration mode of the machine structure to ensure getting best rigidity and optimum design.
A ram-type casted spindle head with a cross section of 400x400mm ensures high rigidity and stability under heavy-duty cutting.
Unique design of high torque and high strength spindle head features that the spindle and motor are symmetrically put on the center line, and then reduces
the thermal growth.
Coolant through spindle system (option) can clean chips from high speed cutting and restrain heat.
Horizontal spindle has high-precision hardened and ground spiral bevel gears that can reduce shock and noises effectively to ensure running stability.
2-station AAC(Automatic Attachment Changer) is standard; V-head/H-head change and ATC(V/H) change.
Automatic universal head, 30-degree angle head, extension head are optionally available for versatile applications.
ATC system is driven with hydraulic indexing motor and dual arm is driven with hydraulic swing motor. This answers tool change speed and stability.
With optional FANUC Data server, AICC ? and Hi-speed processor to achieve Hi-speed and Hi-accuracy Die/Mold machining.
Available for mass data pre-processing (look ahead) system.

Technical Data:

Model KMC-RF Series
X-axis travel 3230mm(127.17″)


Y-axis travel 2450mm(96.46″)


Z-axis travel 1100mm(43.3″)
Spindle taper ISO50
Spindle speed V-4000(*6500, *8000)rpm /


Spindle motor(cont./30min) AC 30/35 HP
Tool Magazine Capacity 30(~*90) Tools