Description: High Speed Double Column Machining Center.

Technical Data:


Model GT-66V
               T15 Y24 S36
Max. spindle speed 15,000 rpm 24,000 rpm 36,000 rpm
Spindle taper BBT / BT-40 HSK-A63 HSK-E50
Spindle motor 11 kW 30/39 kW 20/24 kW
Inner dia. of spindle bearing Ø 70 Ø 65 Ø 50
Bearing lubrication Grease / Oil-air (opt.) Oil-air Oil-air
Spindle cooling Oil-cooling Water-cooling Water-cooling
Distance from spindle center to machine front 750 mm
Table area 750 mm x 500 mm
T-slot 18 mm x 5 mm x 100 mm
Height of table from ground 800 mm
Max. load of table (Average load) 400 kg
Travel for X, Y and Z axis 720 x 500 x 400 mm
Distance from table surface to spindle nose 150~550 mm
Rapid feedrate 30 m/min
Cutting feedrate 20 m/min
Magazine capacity 16/24 (Opt.)
Max. tool length 250 mm
Max. tool weight 5 kg
Motor of tool magazine 60 W
Max. tool dia Ø 80
X,Y,Z axis servomotors X-6.3 kW, Y-5. kW, Z-5 kW
Air pressure requirement 7 kgf / cm2
Air conditioner 750 W / 550 W
Spindle cooler 1,950 W 2,650 W 2,650 W
Auto lubricator (sideways) 150 W
Coolant motor 750 W
Total Power Consumption(Max.) 40 kVA 45 kVA 45kVA
Coolant tank 250 Litre
Packing dimensions 3,200 mm x 2,140 mm x 2,550 mm / 870 mm x 700 mm x 1560 mm
Net weight 6,040 kg
Gross weight 6,935kg
  • Other spindle speed also available with this machine
    ●  All specification, design and characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice
    ● Above specifications are based on SIEMENS control. HEIDENHAIN, FANUC and MITSUBISHI control are available.