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Technical Data:

Item FTC-350(MC) FTC-350L(MC) FTC-350XL(MC) FTC-350S FTC-350LY FTC-350SLY
Swing over bed Ø600mm Ø600mm Ø600mm Ø650mm Ø600mm Ø650mm
Swing over saddle Ø400mm Ø400mm Ø400mm Ø450mm Ø400mm Ø450mm
Standard turning diameter Ø327(165)mm Ø327(165)mm Ø327(165)mm Ø156mm Ø200mm Ø200mm
Max turning diamter Ø350(235)mm Ø350(235)mm Ø350(235)mm Ø300mm Ø350mm Ø350mm
Max turning length 340(310)mm 660(600)mm 1000(970)mm 210mm 585mm 515mm
Bar capacity Ø52(Ø52)/(Ø66)mm Ø52(Ø52)/(Ø66)mm Ø52(Ø52)/(Ø66)mm Ø52, Ø45mm Ø52mm Ø52, Ø45mm
X-axis travel 175+25(188 +2)mm 175+25(188 +2)mm 175+25(188 +2)mm 150+10mm 175+25mm 175+ 10mm
Y-axis travel - - - - 80(+-40)mm 80(+-40)mm
Z-axis travel (380)350mm (700)640mm (1040)1010mm 250mm 625mm 555mm
E-axis travel - - - 345mm - 660mm
Tailstock travel type manual manual manual - manual -
Tailstock travel 290mm 610mm 950mm - 610mm -
Quill travel type hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic - hydraulic -
Quill diameter Ø70mm Ø70mm Ø70mm - Ø70mm -
Quill stroke 90mm 90mm 90mm - 90mm -
Quill taper MT-4 MT-4 MT-4 - MT-4 -
Rapid traverse X-axis 30 m/min 30 m/min 30 m/min 24mm 24mm 24mm
Rapid traverse Y-axis - - - - 12mm 12mm
Rapid traverse Z-axis 30 m/min 30 m/min 30 m/min 24mm 24mm 24mm
Rapid traverse E-axis - - - 12mm - 12mm
Spindle speed 4500rpm 4500rpm 4500rpm 4500, 6000mm 4500mm 4500, 6000mm
Spindle nose A2-6 A2-6 A2-6 A2-5, A2-6 A2-6 A2-5, A2-6
Hydraulic chuck diameter Ø210(8")mm Ø210(8")mm Ø210(8")mm Ø210 sub: Ø169mm Ø210(8")mm Ø210 sub: Ø169mm
Spindle bore diameter Ø62(Ø76)mm Ø62(Ø76)mm Ø62(Ø76)mm Ø62, Ø56mm Ø62(Ø76)mm Ø62, Ø56mm
Spindle bearing diameter Ø100(Ø110)mm Ø100(Ø110)mm Ø100(Ø110)mm Ø100, Ø90mm Ø100(Ø110)mm Ø100, Ø90mm
Spindle taper  1:20 1:20 1:20 1:20 sub:MT#6 1:20 1:20 sub:MT#6
Live tool spindle speed -(4000) -(4000) -(4000) - 3000 3000
No of tool 8(12VD140)/(12) 8(12VD140)/(12) 8(12VD140)/(12) 12mm 12-VDI30 12VDI30
Standard O.D tool size 25mm 25mm 25mm 20mm 20mm 20mm
I.D tool size Ø40mm Ø40mm Ø40mm Ø25mm Ø32mm Ø25mm
Tool changing time 0.3sec 0.3sec 0.3sec  0.3sec  0.3sec 0.3sec
Spindle motor( cont/30 ) 15/18.5(7.5/15) 15/18.5(7.5/15) 15/18.5(7.5/15) 15/18.5 sub:5.5/7.5 5/9 5/9 sub:5.5/7.5 
X/Y/Z/E servo motor 3(X)/3(Z) kW 3(X)/3(Z) kW 3(X)/3(Z) kW 3/-/3/1.6 kW 3/1.6/3 3/1.6/3/3
Live tool spindle power( cont/30 ) -(2.2/3.7) -(2.2/3.7) -(2.2/3.7) - 3 -
Positioning accuracy X/Y/Z 10(X)/10(Z) um 10(X)/10(Z) um 10(X)/10(Z) um 10/10/10 um 10/10/10 um 10/10/10 um
Repeatability accuracy X/Y/Z 6(X)/6(Z) um 6(X)/6(Z) um 6(X)/6(Z) um 6/6 um 6/6/6 um 6/6/6 um
Power capacity 25 kVA 25 kVA 25 kVA 40 kVA 30 kVA 45 kVA
Coolant tank capacity 90 I 110 I 135 I 120 I 110 I 150 I
Machine width 2564mm 2880mm 3500mm 2920mm 2880mm 3235mm
Machine depth 1580mm 1580mm 1665mm 2010mm 1800mm 2010mm
Machine height 1945(2045)mm 1945(2045)mm 1870(2180)mm 1967mm 2050mm 2205mm
Machine weight 3500(4000)kg 4000(4500)kg 4500(5000)kg 4000mm 4500mm 5000mm