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Technical Data:

Item FTC-300
Swing over bed Ø550mm
Swing over saddle Ø260mm
Standard turning diameter Ø180mm
Max turning diamter Ø300mm
Max turning length 320mm
Bar capacity Ø52mm
X-axis travel 150+20mm
Y-axis travel -
Z-axis travel 350mm
E-axis travel -
Tailstock travel type manual
Tailstock travel 300mm
Quill travel type hydraulic
Quill diameter Ø50mm
Quill stroke 80mm
Quill taper MT-3
Rapid traverse X-axis


24 m/min

Rapid traverse Y-axis -
Rapid traverse Z-axis 24 m/min
Rapid traverse E-axis -
Spindle speed 6000rpm
Spindle nose A2-5
Hydraulic chuck diameter Ø169(6")mm
Spindle bore diameter Ø62mm
Spindle bearing diameter Ø90mm
Spindle taper  MT-6mm
Live tool spindle speed -
No of tool 10 set
Standard O.D tool size 20mm
I.D tool size Ø25mm
Tool changing time 0.3sec
Spindle motor( cont/30 ) 7.5/11 kW
X/Y/Z/E servo motor 1.6(X)/1.6(Z) kW
Live tool spindle power( cont/30 ) -
Positioning accuracy X/Y/Z 10(X)/10(Z) um
Repeatability accuracy X/Y/Z 6(X)/6(Z) um
Power capacity 15 kVA
Coolant tank capacity 100 I
Machine width 2500mm
Machine depth 1530mm
Machine height 1650mm
Machine weight 3100kg