Features and specifications of F5X-630
• Table diameter: 63Dmm.
• X-, Y-. Z-axis rapid feedrate: 48mimin.
• Max. spindle speed: 8C1DDrpm.
• Max table load' 500kg
• Pneumatic system, instead of hydraulic system, is applied
for energy-saving.
• CTS Coolant-Through Spindle (optional).
• Pneumatic tool-feeding mechanism built-in in spindle
minimizes bearing load and maximizes the precision and the lifespan of machine,
* ATC carrousel, with standard 24 tools (optional. 40 tools).
• Detachable water tank and chip conveyer for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
• PLC technique in controlling backlash is employed in B-axis & C-axis of NC rotary table, which delivers the high torque, high speed and high positioning precision.
• One-piece box-typed bed constructs the short stress stream and the high rigidity.
• Easy chip removal without accumulation.
* Only one-time setting for workpiece is necessary to process high-precision multiple-face machining, shortening the turning time.
• The lower table bench makes the loading/unloading of workpiece quicker.
• The roller linear way equipped in X/Y/Z axis advances the stability of turning and feeding.