• Gantry type construction
• Dual synchronised drive system
• Accurate positioning with backlash free AC
harmonic drive motors
• Positioning accuracy ±0.1 mm
• Repeatibility ±0.08 mm
• Positioning speed 10 m/min
• Machine guidance and framework are thermally
and mechanically separated from each other
• Entirely protected axis guiding system
• Z axis up to 150 mm motorised stroke
• Height control with integrated collision protection
• 3 point sheet orientation
• Availability to both abrasive and pure water jet
• Abrasive cutting head with an automatic sand
feeding system including automatic abrasive
• 200 lt of sand storage reservoir
• Rising of the water level for underwater cutting
• Sedimentation tank for the subsequent cleaning
of the jet water
• Splash water protected control unit with an
integrated 15˝ flat screen and a foil sealed short
stroke keyboard (IP67)
• Joystick for free positioning of the cutting head
• Automatic nesting software