CNC Turret Punching Machines

• O type frame, strength-tested and
analysed in finite element analysis (FEA)
• Normalised welded frame and components
• Hydraulic punching head with indexable
multi tool system that gives 360° rotation
possibility in increments of 0.001°
• Communication between CNC and axis
motors is maintained through Sercos III
Ethernet cable
• High speed and precision with direct-drive
index axis
• Low energy consumption by the usage of
variable flow pomps
• Possibility to use forming tools
• Automatic tool lubrication

Technical Data:

Model BPM-T
Maximum punching force 30 ton
Tool rotation Indexable
Total number of tool stations 20

Indexable multitool holder feature

(3 or 8 tools)

(Standard) Number of indexable multitool holder 4
(Option) Number of indexable multitool holder up to 10
Tool changing time (multitool) 0.3 sec
Maximum tool changing time (turret) 3 sec
Axis X,Y,Z,C1,C2,T
C1 and C2 axis drive type Direct drive
Repositioning Available
Tool jamming detection Available
Working range X x Y(without repositioning) 2540 x 1270 mm
Z-axis stroke 30 mm
Speed x axis 100 m/min
Speed y axis 80 m/min
Speed combined (X + Y) 128 m/min
Speed C1/ C2 300 rpm
Speed T 20 rpm
1 mm nibbling maximum punching rate 900 strokes/min
25 mm nibbling maximum punching rate 360 strokes/min
Maximum workpiece weight 170 kg
Maximum sheet thickness 6.4 mm
Positioning accuracy +-0.1 mm
Repeatability +-0.04 mm
Max. punching diameter for 6.4 mm thickness 25 mm
Number of sheet clamps 3 pieces
Control Bosch MTX
Operating system Window XP
Hard Drive 40 GB
TFT LCD colour screen 12 "
Work table height 980 mm
Oil tank volume 300 Liters
Motor power 11 kW
Dimensions 5570 x 5210 x 2220mm
Machine weight 14000 kg