BMC 135R Special features •Meehanite castings for all major parts. •5-axis (simultaneous 4-axis) control when equipped with universal CNC indexing table. (standard) -Optional automatic tool changer for converting to machining center. "Linear scales on X, Y, Z axis (optional) •Powerful hydraulic system clamps rotary table securely. 'Programmable indexed rotary table positions at every 90". for various machining requirements. (standard) •Standard universal CNC indexing table. -The spindle extends up to 900mm allows for deep hole machining with maximun stability. -Spindle extension sleeve (optional) allows deep hole machining

Technical Data:

Item BMC-135R
Table Cross Travel (X) 94.49”(2400mm)
Headstock Travel (Y) 82.68”(2100mm)
Table Longitudinal (Z) 59.06”(1500mm)
Size 70.87” x 78.74”
Load 22046lbs. (10000kg)
Stroke (W) 35.43” (900mm)
Diameter 5.31”(135mm)
Taper (w/power operated drawbar) ISO #50
Toolshank CT50
Pull Stud (MASI option) MASII 60 deg
Milling Spindle Diameter 8.86” (225mm)
Motor 30/35 H.P. (AC 22/26KW)
Low Speed Range Stepless 10-350 RPM
High Speed Range Stepless 350-1500 RPM
Tool Storage Capacity 60, 90 tools
Maximum Tool Weight 55lbs (25kg)
Maximum Tool Diameter (Adjacent Pods Full) 4.72” (120mm)
Maximum Tool Diameter (Adjacent Pods Empty) 9.84” (250mm)
Maximum Tool Length 15.75” (400mm)
Tool to Tool Exchange Time 15 sec
Tool Selection Method automatic selection
X-Axis 12.1hp (AC 7.3KW)
Y-Axis 12.1hp (AC 7.3KW)
Z-Axis 12.1hp (AC 7.3KW)
W-Axis 9.4 hp (AC 7.0KW)
B-Axis 4.4 hp (AC 3.3KW)
Positioning Accuracy X,Y, Z, and W-Axis 0.001”/11.81”
Repeatability X,Y,Z, and W-Axis ± 0.0004”(± 0.01mm)
Control Axis 5
Simultaneous Control Axis 4
X,Y,Z Axis 378”min(9.6m/min)
W-Axis 157”min(4m/min)
Dimensions 286.34” x 245.63”
Machine Height 190.55” (4840mm)
Weight 57,320lbs.
Power Requirments 220v. 3Ph. 60 cycle 100amp. 440v