Easy-to-use CNC system with complete bending
computations and large tool library
• Ideal for multi-bending of complex forms, as well
as for volume production which require constant
• Bend accuracy and repeatability at least five-fold
higher than a conventional press brake
• Fully synchronised Y1-Y2 axes to ± 0.01mm via
proportional valves and precision linear scales
• Very fast AC servo backgauge system controlled
by CNC
• Euro-style top clamps with intermediaries and
(available) quick-release clamping
• Top tool: sectionalised gooseneck punch
• Bottom tool: sectionalised 4-V die
• High stroke and daylight values
• Extra deep (410 / 500 mm) throat gap
• Two front arms on linear rail
• Dual footswitch console with emergency stop
• Swiveling pendant arm
• Side and rear safety gates (electrically interlocked
and/or light or laser guarded)
• Compactly-wired PLC electrics in ventilated
• Rigidly welded, monoblock machine frame for
minimum deflection under load
• Ram travel fully supported in low friction
• Options for tooling and crowning